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Risk Factors for Leukemia Cancer
Here are the risk factors of leukemia disease - 

  • Radiation - Unwanted exposure to artificial ionizing radiation is one of the prime causes of leukemia.  
  • Virus - The human T-lymphotropic virus (HTLV-1) or HIV viruses may also cause leukemia-like conditions.  
  • Chemical exposure - Exposure to certain chemicals like benzene, promotes the occurrence of leukemia.  
  • Treatment - Having a previous treatment for leukemia or chemotherapy of other cancer types also promotes leukemia.  
  • Hair dyes - Irregular or overuse of the hair dyes can cause leukemia as well.  
  • Smoking - Chain smoking increases the risk of leukemia.  
  • Genetic predisposition - Having some of the genetic disorders play a role in the development of this cancer.  
  • Down syndrome - Due to chromosomal changes, people suffering from Down syndrome have an increased risk of leukemia.  
  • Gender - Men are likely twice at risk of leukemia rather than the women.