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Leukemia Cancer Categories
Basically, leukemia is classified on the basis of its progression, and the type of cells in which it occurs. Leukemia can be mainly divided into four different categories as under -

Acute leukemia - In this type of leukemia, the immature blood cells are the abnormal blood cells which do not carry out their normal functions. Acute leukemia is an aggressive kind of cancer, and it can get worse very quickly. Timely treatment is required very much for this kind of cancer. 

Chronic Leukemia - This type of leukemia is lesser aggressive than acute leukemia and involves more mature blood cells. These cells accumulate slowly and can function normally for a time period. Due to slower growth rate, such leukemias may can’t get diagnosed for years. 

Lymphocytic Leukemia - The type of leukemia that affects the lymphoid cells are termed as Lymphocytic leukemia. Lymphoid cells are lymphocytes, which are responsible for forming lymphoid tissues. These tissues together make-up the immune system.

Myelogenous leukemia - This type of leukemia affects the myeloid cells of the body. Myeloid cells produce the red blood cells, white blood cells, and the platelet-producing cells as well. The cancerous changes affect these marrow cells and make them grow in an abrupt manner.