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Treatment options for Leukemia Cancer
The treatment of leukemia depends upon many factors. Usually, the treatment of leukemia depends upon the type of leukemia, patient’s age, and health. The kind of cancer treatment also depends upon the state whether leukemia has spread into other parts of the body, also in the central system or not. Here are the different types of treatments available for Leukemia - 

Chemotherapy - Chemotherapy is the most widely used treatment process for curing Leukemia. This drug treatment uses different chemicals to kill the cancerous cells present in the patient’s body. The chemotherapy process overall depends upon the type of leukemia, and the health of the patient.

Targeted therapy - This is the therapy which uses specific drugs to target the vulnerabilities within the cancer cells. The main focus of this therapy is to control the cancerous tissues and shrink its presence inside the patient’s body. It can be given as a sole therapy or as a combination therapy as well for curing leukemia. 

Radiation therapy - Radiation therapy uses X-rays and other high-energy beams to destroy the leukemia cells present in the patient’s body. The main motive is to stop the growth of the cells and prevent their recurrence. Depending upon the leukemia type, radiation may be directed to the whole body, or to a certain part only. 

Stem cell transplant - The Stem cell transplant is a procedure of replacing the diseased bone marrow with a new, healthy one. Before this treatment, a patient undergoes high doses of chemotherapy, or radiation therapy to destroy the diseased bone marrow. 

Watchful waiting - This is usually a treatment option for patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). Under this medical approach, the patient is kept on the check for sometime before starting with any medical intervention or therapy. The patient may also undergo different tests and medical process.