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Treatment Options for Sarcoma Cancer
There are many types of treatments available for curing Sarcoma. All it depends upon the location, type, and staging of it. Here are the different treatment options given for the ailment of Sarcoma -

Surgery - It’s is the process where the sarcoma tumor is taken out from the body via Surgical treatment. Like other cancer treatments, it is the most common type of curing process for Sarcoma. The surgeon may also remove some of the surrounding normal tissues also to confirm the cancer cells has been totally removed from the body.

Radiation therapy - Generally radiation therapy is given when the patient refuses to undergo surgery. But it can be also done as an additional treatment after or before the Surgery. Radiation therapy helps to shrink the tumor and kill the cancer cells present in the body. It can also be used as the main treatment, if surgery isn’t an option. 

Chemotherapy - This treatment option is often used as first treatment option when the cancer has spread in the body. This could also be an addition to Surgery, though less often than the Radiation therapy. Certain drugs and medicines are given to kill the cancerous cells present in the body. 

Targeted therapy - These are the newest forms of Cancer therapies for its treatment. In this process, the antibiotics versions from the immune system are given as drugs in order to stop the growth of cancer cells, while doing no damage to the normal cells of the body. 

Ablation Therapy - Ablation Therapy is a type of minimally invasive procedure which is used to destroy the abnormal tissues. Ablate, meaning the surgical removal of a small body tissue causing cancer, is removed from the body using this therapy.

Immunotherapy - This is a therapy designed to boost the body’s natural immune defense to fight cancer and prevent its occurrence. Different materials made either by the body, or in a laboratory are used to improve the immune system’s functioning. In rare or uncommon situations, the white blood cells can also be trained to fight cancer.