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Risk Factors for Stomach Cancer
Risk Factors for Stomach cancer disease: 

1. Age - Generally older people after age 55 years are at greater risk of stomach cancer. 

2. Gender - Men are twice at risk to develop stomach cancer than women.  

3. Bacteria - Exposure to certain bacteria can increase the risk of cancer.  

4. Genetics - Family history of stomach cancer promotes the risk.  

5. Ethnicity - Stomach cancer is more common in black people, Hispanic and Asian people.  

6. Smoking - Chain smoking promotes stomach cancer like conditions. 

7. Diet - Taking a diet high in salt increases the risk of stomach cancer.  

8. Previous surgery - Patients having a previous surgery are at higher risk.  

9. Bad health - Not having a good health according to age.  

10.Pollution - Pollution in the environment promotes Stomach cancer. 

11. Chemical exposure - Overuse of chemicals and workplace exposure to asbestos, coal, metal, timber and rubber industries leads to stomach cancer. 

12. Tobacco - Consumption of tobacco for a long time promotes cancer. 
13. Alcohol - Drinking alcohol on a regular basis promotes stomach cancer.  

14. Obesity - Excess body fat increases the risk of stomach cancer.