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Stomach Cancer Stages
Stomach cancer is a disease involving several stages. The higher the stage category, the more advanced cancer will be. Based on the size and effectiveness of the tumor, Stomach cancer has been divided into the following Stages - 

Stage 0 -  Indicates the presence of abnormal cancerous cells in the mucosa. But they haven’t started to spread in the nearby surrounding tissue.  

Stage IA - The cancer has moved to next layers of the stomach, but haven’t reached the lymph nodes.

Stage IB - The cancer has moved to next layers of the stomach, and reached one or two of the lymph nodes.    

Stage IIA -  Indicates that cancer has moved deeper and has spread in one or two lymph nodes.

Stage IIB - The tumor has spread to more number of lymph nodes, probably 10 to 15.  

Stage IIIA - The tumor had spread to more number of lymph nodes, generally 15. And they’ve also started to grow through the stomach walls. 

Stage IIIB - Cancer hasn’t grown deep as stage IIIA, but has spread to more lymph nodes and nearby organs of the body.

Stage IIIC - Cancer has grown through most of the stomach layers, and spread over 16 lymph nodes. Or it has grown to nearby organs and upto 15 lymph nodes. 

Stage IV - Cancer has spread to distant parts of the body. It's the final stage of Stomach cancer, and may or may not have spread to nearby lymph nodes.