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Types of Stomach Cancer
It’s still not confirmingly known what makes the cancer cells start in the stomach. Stomach cancer occurs more often in older people above the age of 60. But people of every age are at risk of developing the cancer on the basis of their lifestyle and dietary habits. Based on the conditions and type of cells they are occurring in, Stomach cancer can be divided into the following categories - 

Adenocarcinomas - The majority of Stomach cancers are classified as Adenocarcinomas. This cancer form develops in the innermost lining of the stomach. The surgery & survival rate of Adenocarcinoma stomach cancer patients depends upon the size, location, and stage of cancer.  

Lymphoma - Lymphoma is the cancer of the immune system. It starts in the lymph tissues, and can happen anywhere they are present in the body. Stomach also contains lymph tissues. Lymphomas in the stomach are rare, and account only 4% of total stomach cancer cases. 

Gastrointestinal Stromal tumors - Commonly known as GISTs, this is also a rare type of stomach cancer. It forms in the interstitial cells of Cajal, a special cell found in the lining of stomach. Once a tumor starts, it may develop throughout the digestive tract of the body.  

Carcinoid tumors - Typically, Carcinoid tumors start in the hormone-producing cells of the stomach. Usually, this tumor do not spread to different body organs. They are again one of the rarest occurring stomach cancer forms with only 3% of total stomach cancer cases.