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Treatment of Stomach Cancer
There are many different ways of treating Stomach cancer. The treatment options, recommendations totally depends upon the stage of the tumor, and the physical health condition of the patient. Depending upon the requirement of the Cancer treatment, here are the following treatment options for Stomach cancer -  

Surgery - Its the process of removal of tumor from the stomach. The surgeon removes the whole problem-causing tumor, along with a small amount of surrounding healthy tissues too. It is done to assure that no cancerous cells are present in the body after the removal of the tumor.  

Radiation therapy - Using this treatment, the cancer cells are destroyed using the high-intensity rays. Though this therapy isn’t used commonly to treat stomach cancer. The reason is its harsh side effects to nearby organs. Mostly, it is used as a treatment option for advanced stomach cancer stages.  

Chemotherapy - It a specialist treatment which uses specific drugs to kill the cancer cells and reduce its presence. Cytotoxic medicines are given to stop the rapid growth of cancer-promoting cells in the patient’s body. These medicines attack the cells and destroy them and their metastatic condition.

Targeted therapy - This treatment targets the cancer-specific genes, proteins and the tissues that contribute to cancer growth. It blocks the growth of cancer cells in the body, with a minimum or lesser damage to the healthy tissues. The treatment schedule depends upon the size and location of tumor.

Immunotherapy - Also known as Biologic therapy, Immunotherapy boosts the body’s natural function to fight the cancer producing cells. It uses the materials made either by the body, or in a laboratory. The main focus of this is to improve, target and restore the function of the immune system.